• Date
  • January 21 Friday , 22 Saturday, 28 Saturday, 29 Sunday, 2023
  • Venue
  • PILES & POINTED ROOF | 1-14-6 Nishihara Shibuya-ku Tokyo Japan
  • Open Hours
  • 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
  • Admission
  • free.
  • Artists
  • Natsumi Aoyagi, Koiichiro Tada, Nerhol, Yutaro Yamda, Yang bo
  • Instagram
  • @centre_project

The centre project is a non-profit venue organized by centre Inc located in Tokyo. The centre project is a project space focusing on “art”, “printed matter” and “art of the book.” The term “art” here includes fine art design photography architecture and products. The space will collaborate with artists designers authors papermakers publishers printers and others involved with art books and printed matter to organize creative exhibitions on related topics. The centre project also occasionally features Conversations and curatorial and performance themes related to the exhibitions held here.