Flatways: Maho Motoyama, Yutaro Yamada

  • Date
  • September 23 Friday – October 23 Sunday, 2022
  • Venue
  • center project | TWIZA 1F 3-9-10 Sasazuka Shibuya-ku Tokyo 1510073 Japan
  • Open Hours
  • 11:00 am – 7:00 pm Closed on Monday and Thursday
  • Admission
  • free.
  • Reservation
  • All visitors to the exhibition are required to make a prior reservation online. Please visit the following URL to make a reservation. https://forms.gle/1jwGmeTKz7Pp5Ror7
  • Instagram
  • @centre_project

The centre project is pleased to present ‘Flatways’ an exhibition by Maho Motoyama and Yutaro Yamada from 23 September to 23 October. The exhibition serves as the opening of the space and is also an attempt by the two artists who have continued their plastic expression from a ‘flat’ point of view to explore new points of contact between their creations and society in social implementation. Motoyama creates a 3D object first then develops it into a geometry net and then reassembles it as a paper box. in this process She has examined the ‘awai’ between 2D and 3D. Yamada uses paper as support to draw out the visual expression and tactile experience present that exists in the ultrathin layers of material associated with his painting practice. In the exhibition space these processes deliverables and examples of development are juxtaposed together and it will emerge as an installation from their actions intersect. flat・ways – (adv.) flatten with the flat plane


The centre project is a non-profit venue organized by centre Inc located in Tokyo. The centre project is a project space focusing on “printed matter” and “art of the book.” The term “art” here includes fine art design photography architecture and products. The space will collaborate with artists designers authors papermakers publishers printers and others involved with art books and printed matter to organize creative exhibitions on related topics. The centre project also occasionally features Conversations and curatorial and performance themes related to the exhibitions held here.

Maho Motoyama | Born 1992 Tokyo. Completed master’s degree at Tokyo Metropolitan University. Joined Nippon Design Center Misawa Design Laboratory in 2017. Involved in VI signage planning exhibition planning etc.

Yutaro Yamada | Born 1992 in Hokkaido Japan. Tokyo University of the Arts master’s degree. Studied under Yoshihisa Tanaka from 2018 and belongs to centre Inc. He works in graphic design including VI and signage planning for cultural facilities and exhibitions binding and book design and painting using collected unused objects as supports.