ANB Tokyo


  • Client
  • Tokyo Art Acceleration
  • Curator
  • Junya Yamamine
  • Design
  • Yoshihisa Tanaka, Yutaro Yamada
  • Web design
  • Period
  • April 2020
  • Photo
  • Shintaro Yamanaka (Qsyum!)

On the occasion of the opening of the art complex “ANB Tokyo” in 2020, we are in charge of VI, sign planning and website design. “ANB Tokyo” is the center of Tokyo Art Acceleration, which was established by Tetsuro Koda, co-founder of AKATSUKI, and a curator, Junya Yamamine. In addition to planning and developing exhibitions and talk events, they also supports artists and forms a community centered on art. Its name is derived from “Alternative,” which indicates something different from the existing concept, “Box,” which accepts various things and the expectation that innumerable “Narratives” will be accumulated in this place. From its origin of the name, the VI planning devised a structure in which a new shape appears accidentaly as the ANB logo mark from an existing rectangle. This structure has variability and fluidity that transformable to various shapes, embodying the concept of a facility that accepts new and diverse things. The same system is used for PR visuals for exhibitions held at the facility.