“STILL ALIVE”Aichi Triennale 2022


  • Client
  • Aichi Triennale Organizing Committee
  • Artistic Director
  • Mami Kataoka
  • Chief Curator
  • Shihoko Iida
  • Curator
  • Fumiko Nakamura, Takuya Tsusumi, Akiko Fujii, Keizo Maeda, Chiaki Soma, Daiya Aida, Takayuki Yamamoto
  • Curatorial Project Manager
  • Seika Shiotsu, Kana Uo
  • Design
  • Yoshihisa Tanaka, Yutaro Yamada
  • Web Director
  • Masaki Nakamoto
  • Web Design
  • Yoshihiro Ishii
  • Photo
  • ToLoLo studio, NIE ZEWEN

Art direction and design for the international art festival “Aichi 2022” held from July 30 to October 10, 2022. We designed and produced a wide variety of items for Japan’s largest art festival, including the development of the logo and accompanying visual identity, publicity planning, signage planning, merchandise production, and catalog production. The logo mark, which was created in dialogue with the artistic director and inspired by the shape of Aichi Prefecture and Mikawa Bay and the theme of “still alive,” was developed in a wide range of colors, with a gradual gradation from red to light green and then to white. Specifically, the color, tone, and shape are variable according to the medium. The gradient is basically used as a background, but is intended to be used in stages, for example, on top of another main visual, such as an artist’s illustration or a photograph of the venue area, or on a white background or light green gradient in a medium that is mainly text-based. For the typeface, “Ryumin,” one of Japan’s most major Mincho typefaces, was selected for both Japanese and European text, and a distinctive arrangement was adopted with a slight lengthening and extremely narrow character spacing.
In the signage planning, we collaborated with the architects in charge of each of the four venues to design materials and locations that would correspond to the local characteristics and streetscapes of each area, and to create colors, typefaces, and pictograms that would be easily recognizable in the vast space, so that visitors could walk around the venues without getting lost. In terms of publicity, in response to three press releases over a period of one and a half to two years, we developed flyers and posters for each publicity phase, developed the website in stages, produced and supervised items such as reports and invitations, and developed a wide range of advertising, including videos, novelty goods, wrapping cars, and station displays. We also developed a wide range of advertising, including videos, novelty goods, wrapping cars, station displays, etc.